A good fit, why is it important?

As adults, an uncomfy pair of shoes can really ruin our day. It is the same for kids, and therefore so important that we are giving them shoes that fit correctly. Poor fitting shoes as kids is the leading cause of foot problems in adults and can lead to a lifetime of discomfort and issues.

Children's feet are measured in both width as well as length, with standard/F, wide/G and extra wide/H being the most common. Many children will fall into the G or H category, meaning many shoes will be too tight. Given that kids feet can expand up to 20% when hot it is important to make sure that the width of the shoe allows for some space as well as the length.

Often you'll be told to 'go up a size to get the width'. We have been here too, and watched our son fall over his own feet time and time again as his shoes were too long for his feet. The shoes also become too tight very quickly as they outgrow the width far quicker than the length that was too much in the first place.

Stomperz aim is to offer kids shoes adjustable from standard to wide fit that they will be excited to wear, and grown ups a variety of good quality options at affordable prices.