All our shoes are suitable for wide (G) and extra wide (H) widths. The double velcro fastening mean they are very adjustable so whether you are standard or extra wide, they will fit comfortably and allow room for natural expansion

If you're not sure what length size you need, you can download our easy to use sizing guide here. Make sure your printer is set to 100%.

Simply place your child's heel along the line on the bottom of the page with their foot flat on the floor and relaxed. The size you need is where their longest toe is comfortably sitting.

No printer? No problem. To measure with a tape measure instead:

Put your child's foot against something solid, like a skirting board.

Mark where there longest toe is and measure to that point in mm.

See the below guide for the size they need


Size  Measurement (mm)
6 125-134
7 134-142
8 142-154
9 154-167