IN THE PRESS: How Jeremy Hunts U-turns are impacting small businesses

We were grateful to Sarah Bridge from the Mail on Sunday for taking some time to chat with us about the mini-budget, the new chancellor and his subsequent U-turns. 

As a small business, every single one of these decisions has had an impact, unfortunately mostly negative. When I started the business, one of my main objectives was to provide an affordable option of parents within the wide fit category. I am doing my absolute best to keep these prices for you all. Another objective was to have a good enough quality that our shoes would have ‘2 lives’ at least, so they can be handed down, sold on or donated after their original kid has grown out of them. We recognise that the pre-loved market is a vital support to families in the cost of living crisis and we want to make sure our shoes are accessible to all. 

Your support to Stomperz and other small and local businesses is more appreciated than you probably realise. As the article says we continue to do our best and together we will come out the other side of this.

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