The Stomperz Story

"Mama's going to make you a pair of red shoes"

This was the promise I made to my son after yet another unsuccessful shopping trip to find shoes for his H width feet. I wanted to find something light, easy to wear, wash and dry, and affordable. He wanted something red. Neither of us could get what we wanted and had to walk away disappointed. The best I could get was online, a heavy leather shoe at almost £50 in one style. It seemed unfathomable to me that there was only one style in the country that would fit him properly and that they cost so much - more than I spend on my own shoes - when he would grow out of them so quickly.

Fast forward to now, and we are on the cusp of our first manufacture run. We have developed a shoe that will please both parents and children: the kids will love the ease of putting them on, the footprint images to help them get the right feet, and the comfort of wearing a shoe that fits in both length and width. The parents will love the canvas style, which are cooler and lighter to wear than the leather options available. They go through the washing machine a dream and dry overnight on a radiator. The soles are designed to be easy to wipe clean if something unpleasant gets stood in. The base of the shoe is wider to allow for feet of all shapes and sizes, and the velcro straps are extra long to adjust for high insteps.

Our son walks so much better in his, and where he used to trip over his own feet all the time due to wearing shoes that were too long, he now walks and runs confidently. We have taken great pride in designing a good quality shoe that will fit everyone. It has been an exciting but nervewracking journey for two parents, so we are really grateful for all your support on a very personal level.